Corporate Team Building

Ninja Obstacle Course

Are you tired of the same old “ho-hum” corporate outings? 

Looking to add some fun (and fitness) to your next business meeting, corporate event, or retreat? We combine REAL ninja warrior obstacles with traditional “low ropes” team missions to create a mentally and physically challenging event designed to facilitate teamwork, problem solving, cohesiveness and communication. Ask about our Mobile Activity Park setup.


2 hrs $18.95 per participant

4 hrs $28.95 per participant


Includes: Choice of 3 Activities, Meeting Room, Arcade Games, Pizza & Drinks

Call 985-327-7167 for booking

Rock Climbing is an ideal resource for any organization that is interested in building trust and cooperation amongst its members. The sport presents teamwork as a natural solution to overcoming intense mental and physical challenges, challenges not dissimilar to those we face on a daily basis at work, in school, and in our private lives.

Sports Arena

The hottest trend in the world of teambuilding right now is the return of Rec Games; you know, all the games you played back in middle school.  Dodgeball, Hockey, Relay Race,

3-Legged Race and much more! Once out on the arena mat, teams will battle it out in a round-robin tournament with the hopes of making it the championship match where one team will be crowned the champions!

Archery Tag

Our Archery Tag team-building programs are specially designed with a strong team element, so that players have to work as a team in order to succeed!


  • High quality Mongolian bows

  • Team-based challenges

  • Various difficulty levels

  • Score-taking management

Nerf Rival Battlefield

Specially designed for adults, RIVAL TAG uses NERF Rival guns which are more powerful and accurate. With our battlefield setup, you'll find the thrilling experience of competition shooting each other in 3 different game modes!

Contact us to organize a RIVAL TAG Nerf team building event for you today!


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